Hey y'all! I'm Liz -- the coffee addicted, Taylor Swift loving, wife to high school sweetheart, and mama of two behind Sugar & Spice Apparel. I started Sugar & Spice Apparel in February 2018 when I had to quit my job to move to Austin, TX with my husband. I knew I had to start on a new career path, and also knew that I wanted to be more present in my future children's lives and not be stuck at an office every day.  So I decided to chase a long-time dream and S&S was born! 
After owning S&S for 5+ years and working dozens of pop-up events in the Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas, we made the move to the east coast to get closer to family and are now located in a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Along with the move came a new baby - our second child and first baby girl! Shortly after moving and settling into my new life as a mom of two, I realized my original vision for S&S no longer fit my lifestyle. I'm no longer going out on the weekends, meeting up with friends for dinner or happy hour on a weekly basis, or even leaving my house half as much as I used to. My new lifestyle is mainly focused around my kids... and I know a lot of mamas can relate! 
While I'm in a new stage of life, I once again found myself asking the same question: "But what do I wear?!" And this time instead of going to a concert or meeting up with friends, I was just doing every day laid back activities like going for a walk, shopping at the grocery store, or heading over to my bestie neighbor's for wine night. Even though these could be categorized as mundane events, who doesn't still like to look cute on a regular basis, even in loungewear or simple outfits? The moment I put on an outfit that I feel good in, it's an immediate mood and confidence boost. I knew other women feel the same way and wanted to spread that confidence to other moms that just need that daily boost through something as simple as a new outfit!
Thus, my new vision was born: practical, yet comfortable and cute outfits for the everyday millennial mom. Many of us still want to be young and trendy, but also are at the age where we care more about comfortability and practicality. One of the goals at S&S is to eliminate some decision-making. All the decisions that moms have to make on a daily basis are exhausting, so why not eliminate one of those decisions. Not only will S&S provide you with outfits that can fit into any situation in your every day life, we'll also tell you where to wear your outfit AND how to style it or what to pair it with. 
Broken down into four general categories, Errands, Date Night, Work From Home, and Playground Chic, our website layout will let you browse different outfit options depending on the activity you're searching for. The best part? Many of our outfits fit into two or three categories instead of just one. So wear your new outfit on a walk, to the grocery store, and when you're working from home. Or meet up with your friends for coffee or happy hour and head right to date night after. The options are endless!